Food & vegetable garden

We would like to give more space to our belief that food can bring an extra dimension in Juseu.

We don´t have a restaurant but we are trying out a form in which we can share with our guests the super fresh products we grow.

Slow food products from our organic vegetable garden, which quality is improving every year, or some local quality food (for example truffles from Juseu!) can inspire to share a meal or dinner. 

Sometimes we see that some of our guests are interested in cooking, sometimes we see that some people spontaneously prepare a meal together. Or maybe we once will invite a guest cook. Then we share the table with those who likes to join us. 
Interaction can also mean that someone is working in the vegetable garden for an hour in the early morning to harvest by her/himself. 

We are very much looking forward to this new food experiment. It will above all depend on the enthousiame of our guests. 

Exept for the new kitchen and dining in the School we also created a garden room, a large verandah adjacent to the School overlooking the garden. The garden room is a common space open to all our guests; either to read a book, to check your mail (there is wifi), or to meet some other people ... with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.



artisanal local products; 

truffles from juseu

fresh sheep yogurt from fonz

honey from the beekeeper in graus

cheese from benabarre

pata negra from torres del obispo

organic arbequina olive oil from costean, 

wines from somontano and raimat